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Objective & Approach

The fund seeks to achieve long term capital appreciation following a flexible asset allocation policy implemented by the investment team. This is an event opportunity fund that primarily invests in Equity, Fixed Income and other financial instruments.

In addition to our team´s deep knowledge of the regulations and macroeconomic environment in the region, we make use of a large number of 3rd parties' sources of information. 

As an Opportunity Fund, we search for capital gains based on different Macro or Micro opportunities using the tools and knowledge we have. Being global in a local market and being local in a global market helps us find different attractive opportunities.

Our Portfolio reflects the best suitable ideas that are generated by the Investment Committee. As part of our routine, we reassess each strategy on a continuous basis, bringing all information that could materially affect price action.

DRACO CAPITAL is dedicated to conducting its business in accordance with optimal ethical and professional standards. As part of this aim, we recognize the important of environment, social, and governance (“ESG”) issues in both our portfolios and our management company.

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